Venus Ascending Cast

Zoe - Born Alex Carter...early in High school Alex realized SOMETHING was seriously amiss. Not without a lot of soul searching and pain Alex decided he had to be what he knew he was, a girl. He became Zoe and the Carter's were forced to move. After High School, Zoe entered the "Fleet Academy" more for practical reasons than anything else. Fleet has a very strongly worded "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy... so strongly worded, in fact that nobody knows WHAT exactly it all means, so no one ever says anything. Zoe, feeling this would be a safe bet and a chance for a quiet career managed to make it through and all might have been fine if an innocent remark hadn't revealed a plan by the Truffolions to invade Earth. Just when she thought nothing else could go wrong she mysteriously recieves her commission as Captain of the new Planetary Star Ship, Venus Ascending.

LISA - Lisa VanGough... Long suffering lesbian friend of Zoe's. Their relationship began when Lisa formed a serious crush on Zoe and things seemed to be going well until Lisa accidently discovered Zoe's secret. After her initial fury subsided, a talk with her friend Brianna cause her to realize her disgust with Zoe was a cover for the fact she had been attracted to a "guy". Talking it all out with Zoe, Lisa began to appreciate Zoe for who she was. Looking past the outward appearance to the person within, Lisa found a true soulmate. In fact it is sometimes hard to distinguish Lisa as a separate person and I suspect, they're two sides of the SAME person. Lisa follwed Zoe into fleet. It might have been the chance to command other people that made Lisa apply to Fleet, OR she may yet have a crush on Zoe. So when Zoe received her commission as Captain, there was only one choice for her "Prime" .

Larson Larson Degado - Born Marie Degado. For much the same reasons as Zoe, Larson believed there had been a terrible mistake in that little "M/F" box on the birth certificate. One time friend and protector of Zoe's during high school, Larson pursued his own course and specialized in communications. Assigned to the VA, Larson works for Zoe's unknown nemesis, "Poophead".

Chris-tine - Christopher Allen Newton, is almost impossible to explain. He has no desire to be anything but a guy and yet he spends a significant amount of time dressed as a girl. All his life he has had a knack for color, form and great tastes in clothes. A true artist at heart, he was never taken serioiusly by the art schools as he refused to pick a single medium to study. Falling back on interior design he found himself assigned to the VA as Atmospherics chief. Taking this to mean he needs to redecorate the ship he has been busily gathering information and measuring windows. (SO why does he dress like a girl? I think it's all about the clothes!)

KimTim Ensign Kim Tim - "I can get you anything you want". Unjustly demoted for an accident that wasn't his fault, he turned over a new leaf and abandoned a Fleet career to devoted himself to becoming rich as a king. His eyeshields are actually vision/sound enhancers that give him the edge in valuable negotiation knowlege. He is a bit unscruplous...well at least he WAS until he met Zoe... there's just something about her.